About Aardvarky

We believe in making a difference.

In everything we do, we like to think ‘outside of the box’ and challenge convention. We don’t accept ‘the way things are done’ or tradition; these stifle business and prevent growth.

We believe in constantly improving, and being better in everything we do.

We do this by providing services to small and medium sized businesses that allow them to grow their business. Our services allow our clients to buck any downward economic trends and leverage the power of the Internet as one of the most powerful business resources available.

We make a difference to small businesses by empowering them to increase their customer base, increase their revenue by delivering tailored solutions to specific problems.

Customers are the lifeblood of every business.

We help businesses get more customers.

The People of Aardvarky…

Simon Guilliard


Simon Guilliard
With a 20 year background in music and IT, covering web technologies, sales and marketing, co-founder Simon brings a unique set of skills that gives Aardvarky part of it’s unique edge.

‘Outside the box’ is an often overused cliché, but going against the grain and ignoring convention sits perfectly for Simon. Just don’t tell him ‘it can’t be done’; he’ll often spend unreasonable amounts of time trying to find a way, and we know many of our customers like it that way.

Ian Nicholls


Ian Nicholls
A career history in print and design, may seem like an obvious background for our creative director to have, but Ian also brings an entrepreneurial edge to the table.

With the success of a number of online businesses, including Masketeers.com, Ian understands online business in a number of different niche markets. We reckon this is good for our customers, because we like to help them make more money online too. We also know that our customers agree, and appreciate Ian’s insight.